Tata Power commemorates ‘World Day for Safety & Health at Work’ by stepping up its safety measures for employees

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As COVID-19 pandemic progresses in the country, governments, essential service employers and workers and societies across the world are facing challenges to combat this pandemic. Adequate safety and health measures at work can play a crucial role in containing the spread of the disease, while protecting workers and society at large. Prompted by the need to ensure that the working environment is safe and healthy in these trying times, Tata Power has stepped up its safety measures for employees to commemorate ‘World Day for Safety & Health at Work’ this year.

The company has launched the ‘Make & Gift a Mask’ campaign, as part its Affirmative Action program. The idea behind this campaign is to promote the concept of ‘Reuse-Recycle- Relieve’ amongst Tata Power’s employees across India and encourage them to make homemade masks to aid the fellow local citizens in the vicinity. Employees are urged to create DIY videos of making the mask or click a picture of the mask made by them and distribute it amongst vulnerable members in their vicinity such as security guards, vegetable sellers, police officers, traffic police officers, milkmen etc.

This will be followed by a two-week long #Safetyduringlockdown contest which will start 28th April, 2020 onwards and urges people to share how they are keeping safe during this pandemic. A series of videos will be shared across the company’s social media pages. While the first video will talk about the safety measures one should take while being at home or at work, the second one will talk about how Tata Power’s employees in the operations team are working relentlessly so that the people at large can be at home and safe.

The week long campaign will run live across all operational areas of Tata Power, where employees can register themselves to be a part of this initiative.. Apart from this, it will also be promoted across social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Additionally, Tata Power’s on-ground workforce has been divided into two independent groups working on rotational shifts enforced with a social distancing protocol. Their corporate employees are providing all kinds of support to those who are working on the field 24×7 with 50% of the senior management working from home and office in rotation. Health of power engineers and staff is being regularly monitored along with taking care of their stay, travel and food thus ensuring their well-being. 

Mr Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, Tata Power said, “At Tata Power, safety and care are two important values that have been always sacred to us. We are committed to support the nation and our community during these challenging times. While we are extremely proud of our resilient and selfless workforce, we also feel responsible as employers for their safety at every step.

Tata Power encourages its employees to distribute their hand made masks amongst the vulnerable sections of the community furthering our fight against COVID-19 transmission within the community.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of our employees who are participating wholeheartedly and extending their support for this campaign.!”

In order to prevent effect on their mental health, they have been constantly engaging with the teams to ensure they are motivated and can focus on their work well. They have also initiated different yoga and meditation programmes for mindfulness that can help our employees in coping with anxiety and stress.