Conference cum Expo

EPS Business Meet, Delhi 2024

Conference on:
​​Sustainable Power Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow



The “Empowering the Future” conference aims to bring together researchers, engineers, industry professionals, and policymakers from around the world to discuss the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Power Systems, and Solar Technologies. This event will serve as a platform to exchange knowledge, foster collaborations, and explore innovative solutions that will shape a sustainable and energy-efficient future.
  • Electrical : An electrical conference typically focuses on various aspects of electrical engineering and technology. Attendees might include electrical engineers, researchers, industry professionals, and students. Topics covered in such conferences may include power systems, electronics, renewable energy, electrical machines, smart grids, control systems, and more.
  • Power: A power conference usually revolves around power generation, transmission, distribution, and management. These events are of interest to professionals working in the power industry, including power plant engineers, utility representatives, energy consultants, policymakers, and researchers. Discussions may encompass power generation technologies (e.g., fossil fuels, nuclear, renewables), grid integration, energy storage, energy efficiency, and regulatory updates.
  • Solar: Solar conferences focus on solar energy technologies, applications, and research. They bring together solar energy experts, manufacturers, policymakers, investors, and academics. Topics covered may include solar photovoltaics (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP), solar thermal, solar panel manufacturing, solar project financing, and the latest advancements in solar energy storage and integration.

1 Day

40 Booths

28+ Speakers

350+ Delegates

25+ awards