EPS Business Meet, Pune

Empowering the Future: Innovations in Electrical, Power, and Solar Technologies"


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EPS Business Meet, Pune-2023

Conference on

Empowering the Future: “Innovations in Electrical, Power, and Solar Technologies”

Hyatt Regency-Pune | 16th Sept, 2023

(Agenda Draft)

0900 hrs to 0945 hrs

Registration & AM Breakfast/Tea Networking

0945 hrs to 0950 hrs

Welcome to Audience and Sponsors

0950 hrs to 1000 hrs

Welcome to key guests followed by bouquet

1000 hrs to 1005 hrs

Lamp Lighting with Ganesh Vandana

1005 hrs to 1020 hrs

Know Me Networking” and Vcard exchange


1020 hrs to 1100 hrs

Chief Guest & Inaugural Speakers Session


1100 hrs to 1140 hrs

Panel Session 01

 The Impact of Digitalization on Power Systems & Electrical Safety: IoT, Big Data, and AI in Energy Management.

1140 hrs to 1220 hrs

Panel Session 02

Overcoming Barriers to Solar Adoption: Policy, Financing, and Public Perception.

1220 hrs to 1315 hrs

Sponsors Presentation


1315 hrs to 1400 hrs

Networking Lunch Break


1400 hrs to 1440 hrs

Panel Session 03

The Role of Smart Meters in Enhancing Energy Management and Power Quality Control

1440 hrs to 1520 hrs

Panel Session 04

Power Quality and Reliability: Addressing Issues for a Stable Electrical Grid.

1520 hrs to 1600 hrs

Panel Session 05

Power Infrastructure Investment: Balancing Cost, Efficiency, and Environmental Impact.


1600 hrs to 1620 hrs

Networking Tea Break


1620 hrs to 1700 hrs

Panel Session 06

Innovations in Solar PV Technology: Efficiency Improvements and Emerging Concepts.

1700 hrs to 1745 hrs

Awards & Recognition

1750 hrs- Event close with closing note and vote of thanks!

“Meet Top Decision Makers from Your Industry to Grow Together!”