Interview: AJAX is all set to bounce back with resilience & resourcefulness like ever

Debasis Bhattacharya, Head –Marketing, Sales & Product Support

“To set the ball-rolling, AJAX has become more resilient, adaptive and competitive like ever in this complex and uncertain period of pandemic with resilience & resourcefulness” says Debasis Bhattacharya, Head –Marketing, Sales & Product Support at AJAX Engineering Pvt. Ltd.,

  1. How has your organisation strategized to tackle this sudden pandemic and economically challenging scenario?

AJAX has always evolved over time by adapting to the needs of its customers with a clear and consistent goal towards becoming the most customer-centric organization with a strong customer focus.

AJAX has become more resilient, adaptive and competitive in this complex and uncertain period of pandemic. We have a strong focus on the capabilities needed to succeed in the constantly changing market dynamics esp., in this covid-19 pandemic time, thanks to our technological innovation that has been able to meet up the challenges and continuously align with the fast-changing industry trends amidst lockdown.

With the sudden emergence of a deadly new coronavirus, we had instilled the right confidence into our work-force to face the uncertainty phase with a clear mind, a new set of collaborative principles, coherent thought process, more cohesive effort to engage our customers.

In the RESPONSE/ RECOVER phase of COVID-19 outbreak, AJAX has leveraged its capabilities with a strong network of over 100 touch points & over 30 dealers with triple S facilities – sales, service and spare parts. We add value to our customers, close to over 18000 satisfied customers. They have seen, realised and experienced the value we have brought in. And we will keep on adding value to our customers. AJAX keeps in touch with all its stakeholders thro’ digital channels & leverage digital solutions to engage customers, provide support and add value-propositions that are unique to them.

  1. Focus of Innovation as a way of life at AJAX amidst lockdown.

The big takeaway is to see what’s possible when innovation is in AJAX’s DNA. Describing the focus of innovation at AJAX, Bhattacharya says that AJAX has always strived to be a ‘360° concreting solutions provider’ to its customers and also, said that the company is moving towards artificial intelligence and other advanced manufacturing concepts.


AJAX self-loading concrete mixers are versatile and have hydraulic sensing, meaning a pressure transducer and a device to add the weigh batching of aggregate, cement and water. AJAX has been focusing on improving the accuracy of weigh batching that is very critical in the quality of the concrete. Of late, we have come up with a load cell based weigh batching system (patent pending), shares Bhattacharya.

During EXCON 2019, AJAX also launched a first-of-its-kind next-gen self-propelled boom pump, SPBP25ZX. “This patent-pending product has been designed to handle tough terrain and manoeuvre narrow roads and job sites at ease, and effectively uses its full boom length to revolutionize the way concreting is being done in housing and infrastructure projects,” explains Bhattacharya.

AJAX slip form paver SPX1204, the first indigenous paver designed and manufactured in India launched during EXCON 2019 has been incorporated with high-quality components and features on par with any of the pavers offered by the global players. This paver has flexibility to offer paving width varying from 3.5 m to 12 m.

  1. In your opinion, tell us about the possible impact the situation will have on India’s manufacturing sector and on the economy as a whole.

“India would witness a big slump in the current and coming quarter, however, it is all set to bounce back post recovery of this Covid-19 pandemic” stated by leading financial rating agencies. This would drastically affect the construction equipment sales in India that are expected to drop very significantly during FY 202-2021 due to this coronavirus outbreak. Our CE industry is also set to bear the brunt of the effects of COVID-19. This pandemic has dented our economy thereby very badly impacting overall the CE industry growth with severe repercussions on the future growth prospects. But, the full financial impact of the coronavirus crisis cannot be gauged right now as it will be too early to assess. Even after the crisis is brought under control and construction works start to roll, the upcoming monsoon will be another big blow that will add further onus onto the growth and severely impedes the construction works likely from June 2020 onwards.

  1. Post-lockdown what would be your organisation’s agenda to sustain a possible market slowdown/downfall.

AJAX is geared-up to fight the slowdown blues. To set the ball-rolling, AJAX has come up with the rebound strategy, a detailed business continuity management plan that enlists a set of protocols & standard guidelines that would comply with the newly established norms & regulations by our Government for safe & best practices. This would be religiously followed in the factories, offices & business establishments of AJAX pan India.

When Organizational preparedness being the real key to combat post COVID-19 lockdown with resilience & resourcefulness, AJAX will redo the Value-stream mapping across their supply-chains as this would deem to be a right opportunity to rethink, revisit, reinforce our supply-chains.

  1. Channel partners: Distribution strategy/ delivery model as a defragmented channel structure thro’ integrating dealer network over the digital platform is being contemplated by AJAX.
  2. Efficiency accelerators: Firstly, with social distancing norms at factories, logistics, and warehouses, the need for reducing people density across the supply chain has become a mandate now & AJAX would chart out a plan for that by deploying ‘alternate shift’ practices in the factories. Secondly, with the elimination of non-value added activities that would improve the value of its products and services, AJAX would look into optimize direct & indirect cost that would result in significant cost reduction, strengthening cash flow and emerging from this downturn with a stronger and more competitive profile.
  3. Digitization: As the entire nation is struggling to cope with this outbreak and all sectors face some form of disruption, covid-19 is silently shaping business transformation. AJAX is active in the digital platform and maintains a strong digital footprint. This helps AJAX to underscore the importance of digital transformation by providing unparalleled opportunities to offer personalized service to customers. Customer focus, as a way of life is the basis for AJAX’s digital transformation decisions.
  1. What is the need of the hour from the government post covid-19 scenario?

In the wake of slowdown like this, Liquidity is one of the major challenges that has adversely impacted construction equipment sales as well as the rate at which projects are completed, observes Bhattacharya. It is one of the major areas of challenges what the CE industry is facing today. There have been some delinquencies especially contractors not getting paid by the principal clients. Customers have become hesitant to for new equipment, especially first time buyers. But we expect reasonable amount of business in the near future. “There is no dearth of projects but financial closure has become an alarming issue. Delinquencies, especially contractors not getting paid by principal clients is a concern as is the diversion of funds from infra-related projects to social spending. Customers have become hesitant to buy new equipment, especially first time buyers.” Bhattacharya emphasises that CE industry is looking for a good stimulus in infrastructure and housing industry to pave the way for the economy to get rolling and to reinvigorate confidence in the construction sector.