Mr. Rajat from Newell Brands; interaction with Industrial Outlook

Mr. Rajat Vohra | General Manager (SAARC)-Newell Brands

At home, in the office or on the jobsite, DYMO® label makers offer easy-to-use, long-lasting solutions for projects, organization, office efficiency and workplace safety.
  1. How is your journey in the Indian market so far?

Rajat Vohra- DYMO® is a global player in well-made labeling solutions making it easy to keep life organized at home, and at work. And  DYMO was started in the year 2018 in India and It has gained substantial growth for the past three years.

  1. What are the products; you gather for the India market?

Rajat Vohra- DYMO offers a complete range of long-lasting, well-made labelers, consumables, software and integration to make any home or workplace more organized, personal, safe and productive. We have a product for the India market i.e. 

1. Label Writer 450

2. Label manager 280

3. Label Manager 280 P 

4. Label Manager 420 p 

  1. How would the “Smart solution” be in the future in India?

Rajat Vohra- DYMO being a label machine is a very critical element for any kind of a smart solution in any industry as it helps you to organize, structure and put your equipment, material and systems in order. Which further enables any kind of a smart solution to take shape.

A market size of 875 BD for smart cities is expected by 2026. Which explains the size and the capacity of this market. Growing urbanization needs for efficient management and proper utilization of resources, and demand for efficient transport and communications, public safety concerns and an increasing demand for an healthy environment with efficient energy consumptions are expected to be the major factors to drive this growth.

  1. Tell us about your global and export market? And your plan for the coming year?

Rajat Vohra- DYMO is fast-becoming the worldwide leader in providing innovative solutions that help people accomplish their tasks easier. Globally we are the No.2 label machine in the world.

We are going to launch some advanced Label writer and Label managers in the country in the coming year.

  1. Why do buyers prefer to buy your products?

Rajat Vohra- The buyer prefers to use DYMO products because its label faster , mail faster, organize  faster and looks professional, Why consumers choose DYMO® Labelmanager™ / Label Writers ™.

DYMO electronic label makers are packed with features inspired by consumers: touch screen editing, large screen with print preview and easy-to-use interfaces, quick access buttons and more. In addition, DYMO machines run on a rechargeable battery pack that eliminates the inconvenience, expense and waste of alkaline batteries. Choose the DYMO that’s right for you – and see just how quickly and easily you can organize the busiest desk, filing cabinet, cupboard or room.