Why Small Scale Industry?

By- Mr. Rasa Bihari Mishra | +91 84696 27669 | rbm.innovations@gmail.com

-Do you dream to be a Business Magnet having your own Industrial Empire?

-Are you interested in using your own Knowledge and Expertise to add massive value to the Industrial World?

-Do you aim to achieve all your Financial Dreams? So that you become capable of fulfilling your duties not only towards you Family and Friends but also to the Society.

-Have you decided to not only find Lucrative Work for Yourself but also provide Gainful Employment to countless others?

-Are you interested in taking the Advanced Research from Academics to the Industry to Manufacture Products to fulfil the Human Wants at Affordable Price?

If your answer to any of the questions is ‘Yes’, you’re not alone. All of us are interested in utilizing our time and energy to maximize our potential and contribute. All of us want to achieve our dreams and be successful.

If you evaluate all the options available to you, you’ll observe an important fact. Small Scale Industry is the Solution to Your Industrial Dreams But why is it small scale industry? Because it offers certain advantages which no other initiative offers.

If you observe the industrial landscape today, you’ll be surprised to note one interesting fact. Especially if you study the industrial journey of today’s high profile industrialists, you’ll find most of them have started with small industries long back. Small scale industries offers incredible opportunities for ambitious individuals to become successful technical entrepreneurs. In fact if you closely study the benefits it offers you’ll be convinced that small scale industry route is the best way to become successful. Let’s get into the details.

The Best Way to Become a Successful Industrialist
It’s not a good idea to start an Industry especially if you’re not an industrialist yet. Why? It’s because of two compelling reasons.

-First of all it costs a huge amount of money to own an industry. You need a lot of funds to not only build a manufacturing facility but also to operate it successfully.

-And secondly the risk is very high. Even if you have got enough funds to invest, it’s not recommended especially if you’re not experienced in managing industries.

Anything can go wrong. In fact you need tremendous industrial experience and expertise to make your industrial venture successful. So what to do? And what if you have dreams to become a successful industrialist? Should you forget your dreams? No, not at all. Here the Small Scale Industry comes into the picture. It can address the issue because of two reasons:
-By reducing the scale of Operation, you’re reducing the financial requirements and risks significantly.

-Managing a small industry is comparatively easier. Even if it’s a small scale industry, you’re still managing an industry and getting valuable experience. No doubt it’ll help you a lot in managing your large industrial empire in future.

-Large industries need huge market for their products to utilize the production capacity. But that’s not an issue with small scale industries. Because innovative small scale industries focus on niche products. So it becomes possible for them to maximize the profitability and achieve sustainable growth.

With a small scale industry it becomes easy to be an Industrialist. And if you consider the kind of supports available for the small scale industries you’ll realize that it’s not that difficult to become a successful industrialist.

When you consider the business advantages like opportunities for maximizing the profitability with minimum investment, small scale industry becomes a viable option.

Most of the people having industrial dreams don’t proceed further due to the shortage of money. Why? Because in most of the cases you need to be flush with funds in order to become an industrialist.

Right Platform to Utilize Your Own Expertise for Value Addition
Everyone is an expert in some area. And in most of the cases there’s a technical area you may be passionate about.

When it comes the areas of your interest you’re a genius. You know both the theoretical aspects as well as how to make it work practically. In fact you enjoy the work to such an extent that you forget everything else.

If that’s true then you have got what it takes to become a highly successful industrialist.

And the right platform for you is a small scale industry. Let’s see why the expertise in a specific area helps.

Expertise in a specific area
Let me explain with one industrial example. Let’s assume you have got expertise in chemical industry. You have sound technical knowledge when it comes to chemical sciences. And you can see many shortcomings in the existing chemical products. You feel it’s easy to fix the issues and make them more useful.

So just think of great chemical products and plan to have your own small industry. Why? Because it gives a sense of accomplishment when you utilize your own technical knowledge and contribute significantly to the industrial world. In fact it’s a golden opportunity for you to convert your work into play. Nothing can be more enjoyable. Isn’t it?

No doubt, you can utilize your technical expertise for the benefit of the society. But that’s not the reason why you would like to commit your time and energy into it. You need some powerful reason. Right?

For most of us it’s money. I’m sure it’s true for you as well. Money is Important! We all want to become rich. We all keep our financial dreams at the top of our goal list.

Let’s see how a small scale industry can help you in achieving your Financial Dreams.

The Golden Highway to Achieve your Financial Dreams
Small Industry is a business venture. It’s nothing but a value addition machine. The inputs are raw materials, energy, and other resources which get converted into the finished products.

The finished products are meant for satisfying human wants. The product quality depends on how best your products meet the customer requirements. And it results in value addition.

The value of your products is much higher than the resources you have used to make them. The customers pay you because your products satisfy their requirements. And you pay for the resources.

And the difference in value in monetary terms is profit.
If you utilize the profits properly for growth and efficiency then your profits will increase exponentially. And it’ll not be difficult for you to achieve all your financial dreams irrespective of how outlandish they’re. If you observe closely you’ll find something interesting. Even with your small industry, you’re contributing to the society significantly. You’re generating employment.

Employment Generation is the Best Contribution
Earning money is very important for all of us. That’s the reason why we adults spend most of our time in doing the work which will fetch us money.After all it’s the matter of our livelihood! Most of us need a job to work for some organization and get salaries. Employment is not only for earning money. It’s much more than that. It gives our lives meaning. It fulfills our social needs. It gives us opportunities to do what we want to do and utilize our talents.

The ideal situation will be where all of us get gainful employments as per our choice and ability. But today the ground reality is entirely different. Jobs are not available for all of us. In fact there’s a huge gap between the requirements and availability. What if you are able to earn money by doing the work you like without seeking any job?

And what if you create gainful employments for many job applicants? There by you are no longer a job seeker but a job provider. Isn’t it wonderful? But how to do it? Here you see the importance of small scale industry. Why? Because no other economic activity can match the employment generation capability of Small Industries. Even in the Industrial sector also small industries generate more employment than large Industries. When you are starting a small Industry you are not only creating a wonderful career for yourself but also creating gainful employment. Above all you’re contributing to the society significantly.

Contribution – small or large – make life worth living. It becomes a driving force to put in massive efforts to make your small Industry successful. Let’s Conclude Small scale industry offers incredible opportunities for not only to become successful but also contribute to the society significantly. Students, industry professionals or for that matter any ambitious individuals can become a successful Small Industrialist. Important aspects to focus are:

-Generation of Profitable Project Ideas
-Proper selection of Industrial Projects

-Finalizing the source of Right Technical Know-how
-Building a Well Designed Manufacturing Facility
-Meticulous Financial Management

-Efficient Industrial Management

-Innovative Marketing

As an ambitious Technical Entrepreneur you must be knowledgeable. Both general Business Knowledge and specific Domain Knowledge are important. A minimum level of knowledge is essential for success in Small Scale Industry.