Construction activity can be fast tracked via LGS Construction Technology

Construction activity can be fast tracked by using Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Construction Technology as India readies itself for a construction boom. 

This was discussed at a webinar organized by Hindustan Zinc NSE 0.68 % Limited in association with International Zinc Association (IZA), a leading industry association dedicated to the interests of zinc, on Future of Construction with a special focus on Zinc Coated Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF). 

The webinar was held to discuss the pressing issues of construction industry and mull over alternate sustainable technologies such as Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF). With traditional methods of construction struggling to keep up with the international standards for better, more efficient, affordable buildings and issues pertaining to sustainability, many leading players in the construction industry are turning to alternative methods to solve these problems – one of the technology that is leading the way is – Cold Form Steel construction (CFS), also known as Light Gauge Steel (or LGS).  The webinar was chaired by Dr. Shailesh K. Agrawal, Executive Director – Building Material & Tech. Promotion Council, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India along with Mr. Arun Mishra – CEO, Hindustan Zinc Limited, Mr. Harssha Shetty – CMO, Hindustan Zinc Limited, Mr. Kenneth D’Souza, Technical Expert, IZA Canada and Dr. Rahul Sharma – Director, IZA India. The webinar highlighted the

application of steel in new building material technologies, global use and application of LGFS and its application for commercial and residential construction in India, design and fabrication of Galvanized steel for commercial and residential buildings. 

Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) or Light gauge steel construction is very similar to wood framed construction in principle – the wooden framing members are replaced with thin galvanized steel sections. The steel sections used here are

called cold formed sections, meaning that the sections are formed, or given shape at room temperature. Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS) buildings can be used as substitute of RCC/traditional buildings. It is used to create frames for external walls, floor, internal walls etc. These are used as the base on which suitable boards and materials are used to cover the framing. LGSF buildings look similar to traditional RCC buildings after completion. 

Addressing the participants in the webinar, Dr. Shailesh K. Agrawal, Executive Director – Building Material & Tech. Promotion Council, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India said: “India is one of the largest growing economy and construction sector is emerging as the third largest sector globally; it may reach US $750 billion in value by 2022.” 

The Government of India and Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is committed to bolster the economy and have been

working with leading associations and corporates to bring in the right technology in the housing sector, he added. The ministry aims to build 11.2 million houses by 2022 and to achieve this number, it needs technology that offers speed, quality, safety and reduces waste. 

“LGSF is a leading technology that will fast track the construction process by 200% helping the ministry and related bodies construct more houses with minimum cost and environment footprint, the official further added.  

“The need of the hour is to mainstream these technologies in the construction industry. I would like to thank Hindustan Zinc Limited and International Zinc Association for taking a lead in spreading awareness about sustainable technology that will not be only be cost effective but corrosion free,” Agrawal said. 

Highlighting the benefits of LGFS, Kenneth D’Souza – Technical Expert IZA Canada said: “Light Gauge Steel Framing is a modern and efficient construction technology which is getting popular all over the world. In addition to offering strength to the overall structure, it also allows greater design flexibility at lesser costs.” 

As the government of India looks to strengthen Indian infrastructure, it calls for the need to adopt durable, sustainable and proven construction technologies, like zinc coated LGSF, he added. 

This form of construction, very prominent in developed nations like Europe and New Zealand requires minimal usage of heavy equipment, less water and sand as compared to conventional structures, is corrosion resistant and recyclable – making it a complete green construction technology solution. 

Speaking on the occasion, Arun Mishra, CEO, Hindustan Zinc Limited said: “As India is on its way to large-scale infrastructure expansions, use of galvanized steel in construction is set to rise. Use of Zinc coated Light Gauge Steel Framing system is known to offer greater durability, exceptional corrosion resistance that results in safer structures with less maintenance.” Moreover, it is 100% recyclable and hence environment friendly.

“As we ready ourselves for the rapid urbanization and infrastructure boom, it is imperative to use right kind of construction technology along with galvanization of the structures that will not only ensure a long-life but also the safety and security of the public using these structures daily,” Mishra said. 

Source: ET