Delta is a trusted ups and data centers solutions provider in India

Mr. Deepak Thakur | Business Head-MCIS | Delta Electronics India

Delta has established itself as the most trusted UPS and data centers solutions provider in the market. Some of our UPS systems have over 96 percent efficiency, which has not been heard earlier. In-fact, we are the number one OEM-ODM for UPS products in the world. Our UPS systems claim 40-50 percent lesser space. The smaller footprints allow organizations to run IT operations in lesser spaces.

If deployed intelligently by our solution partners, our products can save upto 70 percent footprints. Our products are marked by reliability, modularity, scalability, and efficiency. We have developed solutions for world‘s number one search engines company, where they run the largest data centers conforming to specifications of open compute project (OCP). So, huge potential lies with us and it is up to customers as to how much benefits would they reap out of it.

We have been guided by the mantra of Smarter-Greener-Together. Smarter means technological excellence, Greener refers to the idea of environment friendly energy-saving technologies. However, the slogan of Together is something which carries broader connotation. 

This reflects our resolve for working closely with customers· understanding their challenges, and creating innovative solutions for them. We never develop technologies and solutions in isolation of our customers, and oblivious of their requirements.

Our sectoral focus has truly been broader. Be it large enterprises, government organizations or SMEs (small and medium enterprises), we are the most suitable and to-the-point UPS solutions provider. Whether it is sales or marketing efforts, we have got a vertical specific go-to market strategy in place. 

We have got a pretty balanced sweep across verticals; however, some of the sectors including government, BFSI, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and e-commerce have got some-what elevated focus. 

Our UPS systems & solutions run their IT infrastructure including data centers. We have got very good market responses around our power conditioning solutions in the country.