SKF Group of companies, continuously working towards MAKE IN INDIA initiative and achieving a milestone YOY

Mr. G. Ramakrishna Achar 
Managing Director | SKF Elixer India Pvt. Ltd

The dynamic and visionary Managing Director of SKF Group of companies, Mr. G. Ramakrishna Achar, hailing from Gangolli, Kundapur, in Karnataka, is the inspiration behind the phenomenal growth of the group. In 1987, Mr. Achar founded SKF Industries, in a hired shed, in Moodbidri, with an initial capital of INR. 25,000. 

Beginning with the manufacturing of Rice Cookers, the company grew exponentially, thanks to Mr. Achar’s entrepreneurship and vision, and today the company has an annual turnover of INR. 2000 million and an infrastructure of INR. 500 million with a highly experienced, dedicated and a professional team of technical, administrative and marketing personnel. The company has had the distinction of designing and manufacturing for the first time in India, a 1000 ton/day capacity Paddy Boiler- cum-Drier plant. SKF has more than 4000 installations all over India and Abroad, the latest being in Costa Rica. It is a remarkable achievement, considering Mr. Achar has done all of it from a remote village of Bannadka, near Moodbidri, Mangalore. This is truly a MAKE IN INDIA initiative years back. Innovation, Flexibility and Complete Solutions have ensured continuous improvements in quality and performances of the equipment. 


This plant enables the miller to produce any type of rice, as per the market demands at the most economical rate. Steamed rice is in great demand in the market today because of fast food in vogue globally. SKF ORYZA Classic plant is built wholly of stainless steel, and produces the most hygienic, world class steamed rice. 

Majorly five types of rice are processed in India – Raw rice, Steamed rice, Half boiled rice, Basmati rice and Full – boiled (Sella) rice. SKF Oryza can process and produce all these five types of rice of the best quality as it incorporates total PLC automation. Oryza is highly efficient and guarantees the best quality of output and reduces the brokens in further processing, thereby increasing the yield of head rice. The return on investment could be as low as 6 months.