WIKA– Unfolding `Big’ Plans

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Wika is steadily treading on the path of success with its quality products and services. Wika is constantly working towards adding values to its customers’ business and is looking forward to establish itself firmly  in India. Mr. Anil Shinde & Mr. Vishal Patil shares few of its exciting plans and  ideas with Industrial Outlook. Here are the excerpts:

1. Please share a brief profile of your company and  tell our readers the sales and services provided by Wika.

WIka– Wika is a  German instrumentation company with 75 years of experience  in this industry. Whereas Wika India is a 25 years old company.  We serve various sectors with products  viz. petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, machine tool automation and air-conditioning HVAC.We deal in parameters like, temperature,flow pressure and mass measurements.

We also provide services  to process industry and industrial automation. Our core areas include installing and commissioning   RTDs and Thermocouples.

We also provide services to  the market through our  four calibration labs located in Pune, Ghaziabad,Chennai and Faridabad. We  have also launched a mobile van.This is an innovative concept that saves time and expenses of our clients as we provide lab services at their doorstep.

To serve industry across India, we operate regional offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Vadodara. A network of distributors has been established nationwide to support all industries.

2. What is the USP of your products?

Wika–We stands for quality and has successfully used our products in critical applications. The products used in critical applications  are going quite strong even after 10-15 years.We believe where there is a need for products  for critical applications, Wika is the solution provider.

3. What are your plans in India for the next two years? Which areas or products would you focus on?

Wika–India is a very dynamic market. We are already successful in the process market.Now, we plan to establish a firm footing in the industrial market segment. So, we will focus on improving our business in machine tools automation, compressor,pumps,HVAC market and infrastructure products. We are launching `made in India’ products used for force measurement, skid etc.We have already procured land for the manufacturing of these instruments.

We would also be focussing on improving our product portfolio. There would be focus on enhancing our IIoT product range not only in India, but globally.

4. What kind of industries are your main customers and how do you add values to your customers’ business?

Wika— Our end user market includes – oil and gas, pharma and petrochemicals amongst others.They are using our products. The slogan cut down the shutdown has worked for our customers as shut downs for them have reduced immensely by using our products. Our products promise good quality and longer life.

The value addition for our customers is by increasing our product portfolios. We provide good quality products and we are reliable suppliers for OEMs as our quality products satisfies the end user.

5. What you showcased in Automation Expo 2022?

Wika–We have showcased WIKA products – “Pressure transmitter, Level transmitter, Temperature transmitter, and load cells” having 4….20MA output which is communicating to the IIoT dashboard.

In the dashboard, we are showing live measurement readings, current & historical trends, alarms from PT, LT, TT & Load cells (Weight). In the dashboard, a critical alarm SMS facility is available to alert the user about tank health,

We Also showcased our pressure, temperature, and force calibration product ranges. These instruments are serving into different industrial & Process Market segments i.e Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Industrial Machinery, Pump and Compressor, Medical gases, etc.

6. What is your message for your readers?
Wika–We are adding new products to our portfolios and the latest being the IIoT product range.We are constantly working to add value to our customers’ business with our products and services.