Mr. Koen talking on Transformer Industry with Industrial Outlook

Mr. Koen Kempeneer | Global Market Manager – Transformer | Nynas

Nynas is a different kind of oil company that believes in use of oil not in burn. We supply specialty naphthenic oils and bitumen for a growing global market. Nynas offers the widest range of transformer liquids in the market.

Q. Tell us about Nynas journey so far? And the product portfolio you deal into?

A. Nynas is a different kind of oil company – we want to use oil, not burn it. With around 1000 employees, production facilities in Europe and offices in over 30 countries, Nynas is dedicated to researching, producing and supplying specialty naphthenic oils and bitumen for a growing global market. Together with our customers, we have the know-how to find new applications and meet new challenges that can help shape society. We take oil further to bring value to customers and the world we live in.

Nynas offers the widest range of transformer liquids in the market, developed to handle just about every conceivable climate, design and operating condition, as well as meeting all national and international specifications. As the world’s leading supplier of transformer liquids, we know how crucial our products are for reliable performance in the electricity grid. That’s why we invest heavily in R&D to produce new grades and refine existing ones.

This is evident not least through a sustainable product range, including NYNAS NYTRO® BIO 300X, a bio-based and biodegradable transformer liquid with ultra-low viscosity, allowing transformers and reactors to operate with better cooling.

 Q. How is the global energy demand duringthe pandemic? And how does it change your industry work culture?

A. Global electricity demand is has fallen during confiments around the world but have also rebound after. IEA (international energy agency) estimated a fall by 5% in 2020, eight times the reduction in 2009 due to the global financial crisis. 

Renewable power additions are defying Covid-19 and setting new records growing and are expected to increase again in 2021 driven by solar PV and wind Global energy investment is set to rebound by around 10% in 2021, reversing most of the shock from pandemic.

The pandemic has off course made our teams work home based but the Electrical industry is seen as essential so many have continued to work taking in account the local regulations.

The digitalization has increased faster than before. Factory acceptance tests have been executed via digital platforms and it could be possible that some will stay digital in the future.

Q. You are the global leader in transformer liquids. Why is “Nynas NYTRO oil” the best for transformers? And how is it different from other transformer oils?


We are the world’s leading supplier of transformer oils with the widest product range on the market. Thanks to our global presence, and active participation in the committees that shape our industry, we can support you with knowledge, recommendations and world-class logistics.

Nynas NYTRO Liquids stand for excellent product quality and global presents. Did you know that Nynas delivered Transformer Liquids in over 150 countries in recent years!

Nynas has a wide range of global grades that are complimented with LOCALISED GRADES, Developed to address country specific needs and with an optimized supply chain for the dedicated market. Like NYTRO 800X for India.

Q. What’s your initiatives & innovations in R&D to reduce CO2 emissions?

A. Nynas has launch NYTRO BIO 300X recently. NYTRO BIO 300X (IEC 60296, ED.5) NYNAS introduces bio-based high-performance transformer fluid. With the introduction of NYTRO® BIO 300X, Nynas adds the first product in its new bio-based range, completing its portfolio of high-performance transformer fluids.

“NYTRO BIO 300X is the result of years of intensive research. We are now able to offer a 100% renewable product with superior performance. It is a true innovation,” says Koen Kempeneer, Global Market Manager Electrical Industry at Nynas.

A key advantage of this new fluid is that it offers exceptionally good cooling thanks to its ultra-low viscosity. The transformer’s winding hot spot temperature can be significantly reduced. Initial studies show up to 10 degrees improvement compared to mineral oils that comply with IEC standard 60296 and around 20 degrees lower compared to ester liquids that comply with IEC standard 61099 or 62770. There is huge potential for thermal design optimization as well as improved over-loading capability.

NYTRO BIO 300X is also the product that combines ready biodegradability with superior oxidation stability. Just like all the other Nynas products for the electrical industry, NYTRO BIO 300X is fully recyclable.

NYTRO BIO 300X meets and exceeds the IEC 60296 specifications.

This newest addition to our portfolio allows transformer OEM’s and Utilities more flexibility in selecting the best suited liquid for their transformers.

Q. India is one of the emerging power sector in the world; what’s your expansion plan in India?

A. India is a high focus market for Nynas. India is one of the largest producers & exporter of transformer to the rest of world. We have our aggressive business plan for India to grow our business in coming years, with high focus on Transformer oil business.  We already having a “Make for India “ Inhibited oil “NYTRO® 800X” for Indian Market. 

NYTRO® 800X is an inhibited insulating oil with excellent electrical and oxidation stability for enhanced transformer life and minimum maintenance. Extremely good heat transfer thanks to low viscosity and viscosity index. The naphthenic characteristics allow the transformer to start at the lowest possible temperature, without using pour point depressants.

NYTRO® 800X Meets the Power Grid Company of India Ltd (PGCIL) specification along with IEC 60296 Ed 5.0 (2020).

NYTRO® 800X is stored locally in drums at Nynas depot near Mumbai, India. Bulk delivery for NYTRO® 800X also be available from our Mumbai Depot . We have a well-established office since Y 2006 in India at Mumbai. Our team in India is highly experienced team & delivering high growth targets YoY . We are committed to continue to invest in India to increase Manpower & our storage capacity in coming years 

Q. Do you have any suggestions for the power sector?

A. I think the pandemic has shown that the power sector is an essential backbone in the world. We should continue to invest and improved in the power sector both by increasing the renewable energy but also improvement and updating of the electrical grid.