Manish Sahay is talking on sensors & Automation business in India

Mr. Manish K Sahay | Managing Director | Leuze Electronic Pvt. Ltd.

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Leuze India is getting a good footprint in the Indian Market and aiming to become a 100 Cr company by the end of year 2026. The contactless  business are giving extra boost to sensors & Automation demand.

Can you share your success story since the time you started operations in India way back in 2012?

Mr. Manish – Leuze India is a success story from the time of incorporation in 2012. Starting from scratch and no pre-business in India, we achieved break-even in first year of operation itself! In last 9 years we have grown multiple folds, zero to 50Cr in 2021! We believe that success should be in every aspect. Being one of the best employer is one for that matter! Recently we got letter of appreciation from GOI, Ministry of Finance on our prompt tax filling. We were awarded fastest growing company award in 2016 by IEDRA (Indian Economic Development & Research Association)in 2016. Though not under CSR category but we do regular CSR activities from last 5 years and also during pandemic donated in various CM & PM funds and in hospitals.

Covid has given a new meaning to automation and technology across various sectors. Can you share some insights on the how you have been able to address client demands and been able to come up with new technologies to stay relevant?

Mr. Manish – Covid has open new business segments and ideas. Business has not reduced but shifted. For example instead of dining at hotel place, now you order online. Movies are being released in OTT and so on…. In this scenario, sensors and automation is helping humankind to do business without getting in contacts. You can see sensors in sanitizing machines. Shopping shifting online and big warehouses of company like Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance uses automation for sorting and segregation. Recently, GOI implemented RFID and vision-based toll collection thereby reducing rush and human intervention.

What are your future plans ? Are you planning to expand your business proposition?

Mr. Manish – We have started a green field project in Malaysia which will cater to local demand of Asian country. This factory will be fully operational in April 2022. With local “Voice of Customer” we are also manufacturing many products like Signal Lights, Encoders, Connectors in India with our design and technological partner. 

These manufacturing locations are strategically at Coimbatore, Pune and Ahmedabad. We are one amongst our peers, known for full product basket, on top, we are launching many new products in recent future to enhance our portfolio. We aim to become 100 Cr company by end of 2026!

Can you share some details on the products and services that you offer?

Mr. Manish – We are known as “Sensor People” and has basically five Product Centres :

PC1 : Optoelectronic Sensors : 

Inductives, Photosensors, Ultrasonic, Laser, Capacitive.

PC2: Measurement : 

Distance measurement, Data Transmission

PC3: Identification : 

Barcode scanner both 1D & 2D, RFID, Machine Vision.

PC4: Safety & Services : Laser scanner, Safety Light curtain, Locking devices, Pull cord switches.

PC5: Trading goods & Labelled products : Signal Lights, Encoders, Connectors, Power Supply, Mounting brackets.

What are the current issues according to you the country is facing in terms of technology advancements? How are you as a company addressing these gaps?

Mr. Manish – In this Modern era transformation of digital technologies are one of the most serious challenges, since it is unpredictable to know that what formats or procedures people will be using 50 or 100 years in coming, it is most important to focus on a shorter time frame. Every decade, there seems to be a significant innovation that changes how we live our lives. With these advancements, other technology can become obsolete. For Example, Flash drives, cell phones, and cable TV are a few of the things that tech experts suggest could become

obsolete in a few decades due to current or predicted advances in technology. & Yes, We are prepared to address these gaps, by creating a simpleto- follow guide/training sessions for the technology issues that arises in our company also goes a long way.

Has the sensor market in India evolved ? What according to you are the major roadblocks faced by the companies?

Mr. Manish – The market is continuously growing, & considering the importance of sensors as a component of the quality and reliability for healthcare solutions, manufacturers operating in the market are working in accordance with certified processes and procedures to focus on the production and service activities. I think now in a day’s companies reach and priorities has changing with the trends due to uncertainty in the future, financial management. Companies needs to be innovate or be left behind.