Talk on energy management solutions with Mr. Hari Balasubramanian from Janitza

Hari Balasubramanian | Business Development Director – Middle East & India | Janitza electronics GmbH

Janitza electronics GmbH – EMEX Exhibition
Janitza electronics is delivering world class energy management solutions to its customers enabling to get quality data to save energy. India has vast opportunities to increase energy efficiency and reduce wastage and it will be easier with transparent energy data.

Q1) Tell us about “Janitza” energy measurement technology and recent developments in your production line?

Hari Balasubramanian- Janitza electronics has been a company manufacturing Energy Measurement devices since 1986. In our many first introductions to the market since its inception, we have focused on providing our customers with the best measurement possibilities and helping them get the clean data required to manage energy reliably. Janitza develops and manufactures the complete range of products (hardware and software) in Lahnau, Germany. Hence truly a German Product. We can deliver high-quality products to our customers with fully equipped latest production lines with THT and SMD lines with technological systems.

A second-generation family-run business has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years by satisfying customers in more than 120 Countries.

Today, Janitza provides complete system solutions for modern energy data management (e.g. ISO 50001), power quality, and residual current monitoring. Alongside measurement devices and software,

Janitza also offers the associated services a complete solution that guarantees efficient energy management. This includes Energy measurement technology, class A network quality analyzers compliant with standard EN 50160, energy management systems, digital integrated measurement devices, portable power quality analyzers, power factor controllers.

Q2) What are the range of product & Service “Janitza” offers in the Indian market?

Janitza offers a complete solution for EnMS and PQMS that supports our customers for sustainable and efficient handling of electrical energy in their facilities. Our Class-A power quality meters are technologically superior with easy information for customers on Compliance to standards. Residual current monitoring is an essential measurement. RCM is integrated with most of our devices to save energy and better safety monitoring. The Software solutions that are scalable and easily configurable by the customer themselves is a significant positive as customers can analyze data in the form of dashboards by themselves.

Our latest products UMG96PA and UMG96PQ-L, are designed to provide complete energy transparency and customer information which enables to manage energy and power quality efficiently. These devices offer complete electrical information that any electrical engineer will require to manage the system for good.

Q3) India increasing the energy capacity YOY but still not meeting the demand; what reformation can help to meet the demand?

India has ample opportunities to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy wastage by following the benchmark transparently for every industry on specific unit consumption. Every industry segment should have Energy Performance Indicators as benchmarks, and the industry should actively participate in such continuous exercise. Industry should appropriately guide the consumers below the benchmark to improve and achieve better results. In today’s scenario, the sector requires genuinely transparent energy data from the devices enabling quick decision making.

Q4) How is the demand forecast for modern energy data management products in India?

We believe that Indian market is highly demanding in terms of the applications and user-friendly features. The need for accurate energy data is increasing as ever, to economical usage of electricity, the specific unit consumption per production unit and key performance indicators. With awareness created by the IEEE519 standards and associated CEA regulations, the introduction of KVAH billing in various utilities, it is very much required of the customers to think differently in analyzing energy data and managing energy for better. The data information required by the customer for analysis and innovative methods are to be introduced for managing energy. Indian customers increasingly believe that energy management is a continuous and one- time activity. Hence they require more reliable communications systems, more significant data memory in

Devices to provide uninterrupted data over long periods. Customers in India need quick analysis instead of delving into various pieces of information and data from Devices and EnMS. Therefore, India’s demand for innovations is welcome, and we expect customers to embrace new ideas and technology.

Q5) What’s your plan for the year 2022?

India provides ample opportunities for our products and solutions to the industries that are power intensive in terms of Energy Management and Power quality. We are starting up to focus in India this year to give the best experience to our customers with our technologically advanced products and solutions. Every product from Janitza electronics is time-tested, and customers can reap benefits in measuring energy, Power Quality, and Residual Current Monitoring. We want to engage with innovative customers to solve their specific EnMS and PQ needs. Janitza electronics strives to be a good platform for the customer to evolve customer needs and support make them compliant to the latest trends in the world around.