Exclusive Interview of Amitansu Satpathy From BPE

Amitansu Satpathy | Managing Director | Best Power Equipments

Union budget 2021 brings a major challenge for the UPS and Batteries market. Infrastructure development will have a positive impact on the power sector and it will boost the demand of power solutions equipment.

IO: Tell us about the “BPE” and their product portfolio for Indian market?

BPE: BPE product range includes Line Interactive UPS, Single Phase Online UPS, Three Phase Online UPS, Rack Mount/ Modular UPS and Solar Inverter & IDU. The company has strategically expanded, by providing power solutions for IT, Industrial & Critical equipment, telecom, data centers & electro-medical gadgets.

IO: How does the union budget 2021 going to impact the power demand and distribution?
With the announcement & focus on infrastructure projects, there will be a positive impact on the power industry. With this, we will see increased demand in power solutions equipments like Large UPS, .Modular -rack mount UPS & power distribution, switchgear equipments etc.

IO: How will be the solar inverters market this year considering the price hike in budget?
The solar inverter market is not that affected with the price hike in this budget. This market
will keep growing at a steady pace.

IO: What are the major drivers & challenges for the India UPS market?
Major challenges are firstly the difference in taxes for UPS and Batteries which are on the higher side. The next challenge is too many power cuts at various regions in the country and UPS cannot function properly if there will be power cuts for more than 6 to 7 hours. Over usage and bad maintenance of UPS will affect its functionality.

IO: What are the core values of “BPE” power solutions for the Industrial & health care sector?
We are supplying to the industrial & health care sectors keeping the focus on round the clock service
without any interruptions. Thus, we have been providing value for money and power solutions demand
increased during COVID 19. During these critical times, we have deployed critical applications in spite of

IO: What’s your expansion plans for the overseas market; when GoI is very clear on MAKE IN INDIA mission and supporting export market in India?
BPE: We have seen lot of potential in international markets and our presence is in Philippines, Malaysia and
Indonesia and plan to expand to African countries & UAE.

IO: When we talk about infrastructure development; power sector plays a vital role in this, how does “BPE” ensure quality delivery in such projects?
It does play a vital role that’s why we make sure that we supply high-end products to various
infrastructure projects with all latest state of the art manufacturing capabilities with high end product
features and efficiency.