Takahiro Ueda and Gagan Pal, Honda India Power Products, Sharing his Views on Power Products Industry

Takahiro Ueda (R), CMD/President/CEO, Gagan Pal (L), Vice President: Sales, Service & Marketing, Honda India Power Products Ltd

HIPP has been a leading name in the Power products industry for more than 3 decades and has created performance benchmarks for the industry. Our products are known for supreme quality in terms of features, and durability in the Indian market. We have large network of over 600 dealers and distributors that spans the entire country.
  1. What are the core things you keep in mind while developing the products to meet client satisfaction?

A subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Japan, Honda India Power Products Limited (HIPP) is India’s top provider of power products. Since its inception, HIPP has been the industry pioneer in the production and distribution of a wide range of power products. The dreams of over 5 million satisfied users have been powered by HIPP for the past 36 years, making it the preferred option of consumers everywhere. To provide Sales & Service, HIPP has cultivated a large network of over 600 dealers and distributors that spans the entire country. Our sophisticated production facilities and Head Office in Greater Noida assist our 17 Area offices that are dispersed across the nation.

HIPP has been a leading name in the Power products industry for more than 3 decades and has created performance benchmarks for the industry. Our impeccable range of products including Portable Generators, Tiller, Brush Cutters, Water Pumps, Lawn Mowers, and General-Purpose Engines have exhibited supreme quality in terms of features, and durability, and subsequently established Honda Power as a household name in the Indian market. To guarantee that we not only meet but also aim to surpass consumer expectations, we do thorough market research, field testing, and trial runs. Our 2030 Vision of “Empower People, To Do Better” is strengthened by the faith and confidence in us by our valued customers, which propels us to provide products & services of the highest quality that are portable, fuel-efficient, and eco-friendly.

  1. What are you foreseeing in upcoming years?

The economic situation seems to be in turmoil with the ups and downs ongoing across the world. It has highly disrupted the supply chains leading to further disruptions in the traditional ways of doing business by new and evolving contemporary business routes. At HIPP, we are highly conscious of meeting the evolving needs of customers. With this objective, HIPP is poised to be the 1st mover in the Power Products industry to launch an e-commerce platform for our esteemed customers shortly. They will be able to purchase any Power product sitting at home from any part of the country with the click of a button. To further enhance the experience, they are backed by an exclusive Customer care centre for assisting them. During the pandemic, we endeavoured to meet the market demands by launching High Head pumps for fulfilling the irrigation needs of crops in hilly terrains and High discharge pumps for plains thus appealing to farmers across different regions & segments in India. We could also fulfil a long-standing need for a basic compact tiller for farmers, who were demanding a powerful yet affordable power tiller for their dairy farm operations. We have already started empowering our Dealerships by upgrading their infrastructure for an improved customer experience. Learning from the pandemic, we have rapidly improved and adapted to the fast-shifting sands while working in a dynamic market. With the high volatility in the fuel prices, our legendary 4-stroke technology-backed products shall help them save money with improved productivity and high efficiency.

  1. What are the major challenges and exceptions in the power industry in India?

The dependency on the internet has escalated radically due to the pandemic making people highly conscious of instant power, portability, and quality. India is a subcontinent and has the largest coastline of 7516 km making it favourable and at times vulnerable due to weather disturbances leading to Cyclones. The immediate impact of such a natural calamity is power disruption leaving people distressed and helpless with increased dependency on power. HIPP range of technologically advanced Portable Generators with Inverter & Eco-throttle technology is suited to meet the customer needs of portability, quality power and fuel efficiency respectively. Our Gensets being portable can be carried easily and be used to run and operate all electrical and electronic equipment at home, shops, and small businesses. 

  1. Is the Industry undergoing any notable changes?

The decreasing fuel fap between diesel and petrol is changing the perception of customers of petrol not being an expensive fuel relative to diesel. The Construction & Agriculture industry is on a progressive growth in our country. HIPP’s range of Power products is portable, durable and environment-friendly 4-stroke technology making it user-friendly and the preferred choice of customers. Because of the impact of COVID-19, electricity generation grew at a slower pace in FY20 and FY19 than in previous years. During FY21, India recovered faster and stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic than European nations.

The third-largest producer and user of electricity in the world is India. India’s burgeoning population is driving up the need for electricity, even though the nation’s potential for producing it has increased dramatically over time.

  1. What is the product range that you offer and who are your ultimate buyers?

HIPP is one of the first Japanese companies to enter the Indian market in 1985 and thereby contribute to strengthening economic relations between India and Japan. Since 1985, the company has been providing innovative, eco-friendly & best-in-class solutions to its customers across India in the field of power backup, agriculture & construction by introducing Honda’s legendary 4-Stroke technology-based products. For the Indian market, our broad array of product repertoire includes:

  • Portable Generators (0.75 ~ 5.5 kVA) find usage at homes , small business and offices providing portable power for various electrical and electronic equipments for emergency power backup. 
  • Portable Water pumps (1.5” ~ 3” diameter outlet) fulfils irrigation needs of cash crops in hilly terrains and plains respectively thus appealing to farmers across different regions & segments in India.
  • Power Tillers (2 ~ 5.5 hp) are widely used for de-weeding & land preparation in Agriculture & Horticulture both in plains and hilly terrains. Due to its compact size and weight, its easily manoeuvrable across various land terrains and multiple applications.  
  •  Brush Cutters (1 ~ 2 hp) are widely used in de-weeding, fodder cutting & crop harvesting in farm areas. Brush cutter is also used in Landscape maintenance and cutting collars of lawns. 
  • Advanced 4-Stroke GX Engines (1 ~ 22 hp) powering a range of construction equipment like concrete mixer, needle & plate vibrators, concrete cutter, surface leveller, soil compactor and stone breaker etc. to name a few.
  • Honda Lawn Mower offers an ideal solution for landscape maintenance. 
  • Honda OBM (Outboard Motors) (6hp ~ 250hp) Aims to offer boat operators high-performance, durable, fuel-efficient, and sustainable options for top-notch operating performance on the water. Provide dependable solutions for maritime security, patrolling, rescue and interceptor boats, passenger boats for taxi boats, recreational fishing in the tourism/leisure industry, commercial fishing in sea and inland river systems in India.