Delivering quality and innovative solutions; interaction with Shri Mahendra Gupta from Gupta Power

Shri Mahendra Gupta | Chairman & Managing Director | Gupta Power

1. Tell us about Gupta Power contribution to infrastructure development in India?

Mahendra Gupta – I would like to cite here a highly overlooked factor. Wires are products that are intertwined behind the walls of the house and hence do not figure in the customer’s priority. This is the reason why electrical contractors settle for low-cost, substandard, and cheap cables which can pose a serious safety hazard to the household. Statistics show that the majority of the fire accidents in India are caused by electrical short circuits, which boils down to the use of poor-quality wires and cables.

At Gupta Power, we make sure to follow the mandate of the National Building Code of India (NBC). The usage of fire survival cables is accelerating in public buildings and constructions, such as market complexes, hospitals, cinema halls, parks, etc.

Another major trend shaping the global wires and cable industry is the enhanced usage of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LS0H) instead of PVC Wire due to its safety hazards. The trend is yet to catch up with the Indian market but as a company in a dynamic field, we have to foresee such trends and implement them to be a market leader and Gupta Power has been doing the same.

Gupta Power is committed to its customer service and hence has reduced its prices to more reasonable figures without compromising on quality. Developing high-quality and innovative smart products that are safe and dependable is the only way to gain credibility in the current market.

The focus on technological innovation is a smart way to ride through these uncertain times and we plan to direct our efforts towards these factors. Increasing demand and awareness for renewable power generation can also drive the growth of the wires and cables industry and we are up for it.

Awareness around safety and value addition are the core principles guiding the vision of Gupta Powers. We strive to be a responsible company because we know if electricity can light up lives, it can also take lives if messed with.

2. How is the expected demand for Optical Fiber Cable in 5G technology?

5G networks promise to connect people and things through intelligent networks and applications, all generating an immense amount of data. It seeks to provide the best of all performance factors while simultaneously connecting more devices. These network advancements will enable and inspire a new wave of computing and technological innovation that will change the way we live and work. But before 5G becomes a reality, the network infrastructure has to be in place to support the billions of devices and the trillions of megabits of data that will flood the network.

Optical fiber is the preferred medium for existing wireless backhaul networks, and even in networks where this is not the case, the wireless backhaul eventually needs to connect into a fiber backhaul. Fiber will also be preferred for what is known as “frontaul,” connecting the dense mesh of 5G small cells. Why is this? Increased speeds with lower attenuation, immunity to electromagnetic interference, small size, and virtually unlimited bandwidth potential are among the many reasons why fiber is the right choice. The question becomes, “How many fibers are needed to support each cell?” And the answer will depend primarily on what technology protocols will be employed.

3. Tell us about Gupta Power quality management for sustainability?

Experts know that PVC wire is most commonly used in India. But at the same time, they are also the most dangerous and pose the greatest safety hazard. It is like walking the edge of a mountain cliff knowing you can fall off anytime. But public awareness regarding this is still low and as a responsible company, it is our responsibility to build awareness surrounding the hazards.

PVC wires generate a lot of poisonous and dense smoke that hampers visibility and that smoke can result in choking due to breathing congestion. Now, we know that the reason for the majority of the fire deaths during an outbreak is not the fire itself but because of the choking and suffocation that happens when we inhale toxic smoke from the dense flames emitted from charing wires.

LS0H wires are taking over the global market and becoming the new phenomena in the cable market. In our country, however, there is a resistance to adopting the LSOH wires mainly due to the costs involved and an acute lack of public awareness.

As the captain of the ship, I have to integrate these aspects into our core business strategy and move forward.

4. What’s your latest RD&I in your product line?

The key is diversification and a backward integration strategy during this time. We are trying to diversify our business to a great extent. To sustain as a growth leader, it’s crucial to diversify to minimize the economic risks inflicted by COVID-19 lockdowns. Besides, Gupta Power aims to sustain the growth trajectory by its continuous and relentless focus on product quality, manufacturing expansion, technological know-how, and robust customer service. We are trying to minimize risks associated with future lockdowns by focussing on these key areas. Hopefully, they will yield results. Our strategy is to increase the production capacity and focus on the latest developments in smart cables, smart conductors, smart LED lightings, smart optic fiber cables, and smart GIS substations up to 400 kV figure in the scheme of things. Future alliances, partnerships, and expansions are also a part of the plan and we will plan it to the best of our strategic interests

5. What do you think, 2022 will be the year to record high growth in the industry?

No doubt, the pandemic-induced lockdowns have affected the usual flow of business and on-field activities like sales. But to stay ahead of the curve, we need to rethink and reinvent the marketing strategy. Gupta Power has been at the forefront of innovating new and fresh channels of sales and marketing by capitalizing on online channels that are huge in this digital age.

Construction and manufacturing activities have mostly remained exempted from lockdown measures and will not have a multiplier effect on economic growth given its linkages to various industries like in the year 2020. Due to the rather stable demand for wires and cables currently, our company expects substantially higher growth in revenues from the electrical cables segment over a period owing to its well-spread sales and distribution network. We also plan to add products to our already vast portfolio.

The electric wire and cable market in India is expected to grow by USD 1.65 billion, at a CAGR of almost 4% during 2021-2025. So these are positive signs to look forward to.

6. Do you have any message for wire & cables, LED lighting buyers?

Awareness around safety and value addition are the core principles guiding the vision of Gupta Power. We strive to be a responsible company because we know if electricity can light up lives, it can also take lives if messed with.

Our team constantly strives to keep up with the latest safety trends, build awareness, and communicate with our stakeholders, be it the government, the electrical contractors, or the consumer through various strategic media campaigns.

It is highly worthy to mention that the Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA), the apex association of the Indian electrical equipment manufacturing, is working in a smart and hard way to drive safety awareness and focus on cable and wires quality.

Gupta Power will keep working towards creating an ecosystem that prioritizes electrical safety and quality standards and attempt to become a role model for other competitors in the market.