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ABLOY caters to the fast moving, demanding and critical security needs of various industry- Sanket Managave

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Sanket Managave– Managing Director, SAARC – ABLOY High Security Locks

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ABLOY caters to the fast moving, demanding and critical security needs of the society.  ABLOY digital portfolio includes mechanical, electromechanical and keyless solutions for securing the assets and to have a complete control over the access of the assets remotely. With ABLOY Digital Portfolio solution one can manage all keys, locks and access rights on-the go and remotely from a single, highly visual, and easy to use interface.

Give us an overview about India and its Industries ?

India is the most populous democratic country in the world. The country is attracting many global majors for strategic investments owing to the presence of a vast range of industries, investment avenues and a supportive Government. India’s GDP at current prices in 2021-22 is estimated to be Rs. 236.65 lakh crore (US$2.96 trillion) showing a growth of 19.5% as against 2020-21. In order to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build best in class manufacturing infrastructure in the country, the Government of India designed and initiated one of the major national programmes “Make in India”. This programme is vital for India’s economic growth and aims at utilising the existing Indian talent base, creating additional employment opportunities, and empowering the secondary and tertiary sector. The programme also aims at improving India’s rank on the Ease of Doing Business index by eliminating the unnecessary laws and regulations, making bureaucratic processes easier, making the government more transparent, responsive and accountable. Each and every industry in India including Power, Oil & Gas, Energy, Telecommunication, Agriculture, Transportation, Mining, Aviation, Railway, Science & Technology, Waters, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Ports, Real Estate, Banking, Education, Automobiles, Textile, Hospitality, IT, E-Commerce and Manufacturing etc. are contributing towards the growth and development of the country. For each of these verticals to perform 24/7 and to deliver its services at its best and to ensure economic balance, they need to ensure that they have well equipped support systems for smooth operations, controlled operational cost and that all their assets are well managed and secured 24/7.

What are the products you offer? Who are your ultimate buyers?

ABLOY caters to the fast moving, demanding and critical security needs of the society. ABLOY solutions are specifically designed and innovated for securing critical operations of various industry verticals like Logistics and Transportation, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Electric Power, Railway, Waters, Mining, Telecommunication, Data Centre, Banking, Ports etc. All our lock cylinders are based on the unique operating principle of rotating detainer discs, with no springs or pins to wear, jam or freeze, the mechanism provides a smooth and reliable functionality, excellent resistance against physical attack and maximum resistance to hostile and severe environments. Abloy’s mechanical cylinders can facilitate extensive master keying possibilities having maximum 1.97 billion different master key combinations. It is an expandable locking system and thus can be designed to cover large and extensive facilities. The unsurpassed features of ABLOY cylinders benefit users to have simplified operations with long lasting security commitment. Longevity is reinforced with AWS ( Anti Wear System ) feature that prolongs the life cycle even in extensive use applications. Our cylinders are virtually pick proof and bump proof as the DBS ( Disc Blocking system) feature stops attempts to manipulate the discs. One key fits all the locks from different product ranges. Our mechanical cylinders are upgradeable with electromechanical features. ABLOY electromechanical locks and keyless locks provide physical security to assets situated not only within the building premises but also in any remote locations. These smart innovations by ABLOY are a step towards a new era of fully connected, digital access control. These solutions are encrypted with the best-in- class encryption technology which ensures security and privacy protection. ABLOY digital portfolio includes mechanical, electromechanical and keyless solutions for securing the assets and to have a complete control over the access of the assets remotely. With ABLOY Digital Portfolio solution one can manage all keys, locks and access rights on-the go and remotely from a single, highly visual, and easy to use interface. The electromechanical solution PRO TEC2 CLIQTM is an easy-to-use, double secured access control system. ABLO Y PROTEC2 technology is based on the patented rotating disc cylinder mechanism, takes care of the mechanical security, while electronic CLIQ technology allows flexible control of keys, access rights and audit trails. It combines both technologies into one effective solution. PROTEC2 CLIQ is suitable for controlled movements, direct monitoring, and highest level of security. Ensures access to only authorised and proficient personnel, thus reducing risk of theft any operational interruptions. CLIQ technology, provides unique identification for every opening through encrypted communication. Calendar and time-based access rights are easy to change remotely. Abloy’s CLIQTM ABLOY BEAT is a Keyless, Super Weatherproof IP68 approved padlock, with a Bluetooth BLE 4.2 connection operated with a digital key and mobile app heralding a new era of effortless mobile connectivity with Seos® credential technology for best-in-class security and privacy protection. BEAT is operated with a digital, mobile key and managed with ABLOY OS can be integrated into existing workflow or 3rd party systems, keeping the user in sync with security situations. ABLOY Beat mobile app allows flexible access and activation for user rights from any location. Beat is useful in remote areas, busy schedules and in case of emergency, online and offline. Travel and key logistics are drastically simplified, saving on emissions, cost and time.

How important will it be to a security researcher to know about CI in the future?

In critical infrastructure security, the physical security of assets, protection of systems & networks is of utmost importance as the operations at all levels in critical infrastructure can be adversely affected due to any leniency or flaws in such security. For any new development or technology advancements, at the first place, one needs to understand the actual implementation of the same and also the kind of exposure it may have when implemented in critical infrastructure. This understanding may not be possible unless and until one has a thorough know-how of the operations of various verticals in critical infrastructure. There has been indebt discussions about asset security in critical infrastructure worldwide as earlier it was looked at as a cost centre but now it is a every important aspect in terms of having cost effective and simplified operations. The entire Critical Infrastructure business worldwide needs to ensure maintaining operational expenses even in critical situations as any leniency in the operations and asset security, directly affects the revenue. For better understanding of the actions required to be undertaken by the Critical Infrastructure Industry, for improved operations at all levels, one needs to study all the factors of the business including security. solution enables integration with other existing systems. 

What is the growth and expansion you are foreseeing in the coming years?

India is one of the fastest emerging economies in the world and attracts foreign investments.Government has taken several initiatives to attract foreign investments. India has several investment opportunities in its equity market for local and Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs). As per industry reports FIIs in the primary markets were the highest as compared to the last 10 years; this was at Rs. 80,309 (US$ 10.15 billion) in 2021 and Rs. 6,371 crores (US$ million)in2022(UntilJuly2022). NetinflowsforFIIinvestorsinIndiawereRs.50,089crores (US$ 7.06 billion) in the calendar year 2021. India also posted a record increase in market cap in FY 2021-22 of Rs. 264.06 trillion (US$ 3.42 trillion) compared to Rs. 204.31 trillion (US$ 2.76 trillion) during 2020-21. The government has also loosened regulations for foreign capital. All these factors have further strengthened India’s position in global markets. In FY22, India was able to attract FDI of US$58,773 million and has also signed free trade agreements with countries such as the UAE, Singapore, Japan and Australia. With favourable government policies, relaxation of norms, improvements in financial infrastructure and increased infrastructure investments, nation will witness inflow of foreign capital in the country in future. For the past few years Government has been very active in encouraging new innovations and startups which has been and will help accelerate the growth of start ups throughout India in all sectors in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities including rural areas. This is leading India towards a much promising and brighter future. With the growth accompanies the threat to the growing assets because any incapacitation or destruction of security and protection measures in Critical Infrastructure can have debilitate Nation’s economy, security and public health or safety. To protect and safeguard the nation’s critical infrastructure businesses ABLOY, the pioneer in security locking technology, has been delivering products and solutions that remain secure with a technology change and are future proof. Given innovation as a key driver for the brand, ABLO Y makes sure that the technology of today and tomorrow is well integrated and in line with the industry’s requirements. 

What’s the recent development in your industry?

Along with all the challenges that CI businesses face in the country, security is one most important challenge that they have to face day in and out. To ensure uninterrupted service, controlled operational expenses, saving time CI businesses have to secure its assets from miscreants in terms of safety and security. There are conventional ways and measures that the CI industry have been implementing for security and safety but with the increased pace and shorter turnaround time, industry is now moving towards adopting faster and smarter solutions to secure their assets. To meet these growing needs for more sophisticated and technology driven systems in day-to-day operations, the CIP industry is focusing on innovating solutions that cater to needs of today and future. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global critical infrastructure protection (CIP ) market size is projected to hit USD 154.59 billion in 2027, at a CAGR of 6.2% during forecast period (2022-2027).     

Note : Source for Financial Data : https://www.ibef.org/ https://www.globenewswire.co 

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