OMRON Automation announces its long-term vision for India

Aims to enrich the future for people, industries & the globe by Innovative Automation

OMRON, the leading MNC in the industrial automation segment, has announced its long-term business vision for India. Based on its global vision for the industrial automation business – ​​​​​​​“Enriching the Future for People, Industries and the Globe by Innovative Automation”, the company aims to translate it in the country by working together with the customers and partners to solve the issues of the manufacturing industry.

The vision, called as Shaping The Future 2030 (SF 2030) takes into cognizance the fast changing, dynamic, diversified, and complex world of manufacturing led by Industry 4.0 & digitization. The company believes that with its unique automation capabilities based on human machine harmony, it will be able to contribute towards creation of sustainable and innovative factories coexisting with the environment and wellbeing of people.

Strongly believing in creating human-machine harmony at the shop floors, OMRON has been continuously working on bringing in advanced ILOR+S (Input, Logic, Output, Robotics and Safety) solutions based on its futuristic concept of innovative-automation for solving innumerable issues at the shop floor ranging from productivity to quality; speed to safety.

Looking at the next ten years, we aim to go a level up and reinvigorate our innovative-automation concept. Renewing it and labeling as the next phase of innovative-automation, we aim for on-site innovation by embodying three capabilities: “Autonomation beyond human abilities,” “Advanced collaboration between people and machines,” and “Digital engineering transformation” in automotive with a focus on environment friendly/ new energy vehicle, digital, medical, F&C, logistics and infrastructure segments.” said Mr Sameer Gandhi, MD, OMRON Automation, India.

Further elaborating on the India specific initiative, Mr Gandhi stated that providing solutions to make the factory floor more efficient, safe and flexible has long been one of OMRON’s core competencies. “In recent years we’ve worked to automate manufacturing by “integrating” high-speed and high precision control application technologies, making full use of IoT and AI to create “intelligent” equipment and production lines, and achieving “interactive” harmonization between people and machines. These strategies will help OMRON Shape the Future of how India makes things by contributing significantly towards solving the challenges impacting the adoption of automation in the manufacturing sector such as lack of skilled resources, misconceptions around automation technologies replacing humans on the shop floor, etc. The next decade promises to be an exciting one as a combination of India’s rising manufacturing growth trajectory and OMRON’s focus on anticipating and resolving new & existing issues.” He also stressed upon sustainability by sharing how automation technologies can help in balancing productivity and energy efficiency to enable environmentally sustainable and flexible production.

“Strongly believing in OMRON’s founder Kazuma Tateisi’s management philosophy, “To the machine, the work of the machine, to man the thrill of further creation”, looking ahead, OMRON will strive to maximise human potential through collaboration with machines.” Mr Gandhi added. The company showcased its key range of solutions at the renowned exhibition – Automation Expo held at Mumbai (from Aug 16 to 19). The display, comprising of integrated automation solutions & varied robotics offerings , personified the company’s thought leadership and long-term vision – Shaping The Future 2030 .

About OMRON Automation India business

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Corporation is a multi-billion-dollar, diversified company with business units producing industrial automation products, device & module solutions, healthcare and social system solutions. The Industrial Automation business unit of OMRON is a global leader providing complete automation solutions for industrial applications. It brings innovation to manufacturing sites through automation with “Integrated”, “Intelligent” and “Interactive” concepts with one of the world’s most sophisticated and wide product range encompassing panel components, smart sensors, Vision technologies, PLCs, Servos, Drives, Robots & Cobots and Machine safety solutions (ILOR+S) technology.

OMRON Automation – India, now more than two decades old in the country, caters to varied industrial applications encompassing the wide requirements of packaging, automotive, material handling, food & beverages, digital and panel building applications. The company is focusing on the solution business, including Robotics and IIoT, providing “One Stop” solutions to improve the overall efficiency on diverse production sites. Focusing on the themes of quality, safety and the environment, it supports manufacturing innovation with its unique sensing & controlling technologies and caters to customers across the country via its strong network of offices, application, service and sales engineers supported by an automation technology centre (for demos and PoCs), training centres as well as channel partners to address the ever- challenging requirements. A major factor in OMRON’s progress globally & locally has been the strong commitment to provide solutions towards its customers’ unique challenge’.

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