ECOFLUX* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger

HRS Process Systems Ltd. India, is part of UK based HRS group of companies a leading heat transfer technology provider. HRS is equipped with a strong network all across domestic and international market like UK, Spain, USA, India, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia to fulfil technology needs of process industries.

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The high demand for heat transfer equipment in industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, petrochemical, oil & fats, fertilizer, food and beverages, engineering and others is driving the advancement in heat transfer technology. Heating, cooling, chilling, condensing, re-boiling, pasteurizing, sterilizing, evaporating are the key processes in these industries. To carry out such processes effectively, heat exchangers become the heart of the process plant.

 During the heat transfer process, over a period of time, deposition of substance occurs. Formation of this boundary layer is referred to as FOULING, a factor which poses resistance to product flow. Fouling is typically high in shell and tube (smooth tube) heat exchangers and significantly impacts the heat transfer process. 

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To tackle such inefficiency HRS has introduced the innovative development in heat transfer technology i.e. ECOFLUX*corrugated tube heat exchanger, which is a shell and tube heat exchanger where “corrugated tubes” are used instead of plain tubes. The tubes are corrugated to induce turbulence in both the flows (product and service) even at lower velocity. Corrugated tube thus, boosts heat transfer multifold even at low Reynold’s number with minimum increase in pressure loss. This enables ECOFLUX* CTHE a efficient heat transfer even in liquids with high viscosity, large fibers or particulates.

ECOFLUX* corrugated tube heat exchangers are compact in yet give significantly enhanced performance over smooth tube heat exchangers. ECOFLUX* can be customized according to the process needs with a wide choice of MOC. This requires very low maintenance cost and also gives high response to CIP.

The MOC of this heat exchanger is typically SS, however, It is also made in exotic materials like SS304L, SS316L, 904L, 321, Titanium, Duplex, Hastellloy, Alloy 20, Copper depending upon compatibility of process fluids. Thus this proves to be a versatile, economical and energy efficient equipment for multiple options in process industries. 

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