The Growth of Sustainable Energy In India-Net Zero

Time Program
0930hrs to 1000hrs Opening ceremony
1000hrs to 1010hrs Chief guest address to delegates
1010hrs to 1020hrs Delegates networking, Introduction with each others
1020hrs to 1230hrs Speaker presentations (Stand alone)
1230hrs to 1320hrs Presentation on products and solutions offerings
1320hrs to 1410hrs Lunch networking
1410hrs to 1540hrs Sponsor’s presentations
1540hrs to 1630hrs Panel discussion on Progress of India towards net zero (challenges, opportunities and solutions)
1630hrs to 1700hrs Hi-tea networking
1700hrs to 1800hrs Award ceremony and moments of appreciation to participants.

Major Discussion Area Are-

Status & Strategies for Speeding Up Inverter Deployment
The Smart Energy Technology for sustainable Future
Scaling up Green Hydrogen Technology in India
The Role & Importance of Power Quality in Connecting Renewables to grid
Building a Renewable Energy Eco-System for Start-ups
Renewable Energy – Contributing in Pathway to Net-zero’
Energy Utility Ecosystem for Sustainable Future
Micro-inverter technology benefits for “Residential & Small Commercial Distributed Solar Rooftop System “
Energy Storage & Micro-grids
The Future of Solar PV: Exploring the latest advancements and emerging technologies in solar PV systems
Solar PV Market Trends: Analyzing the current market trends, growth projections, and investment opportunities in the solar PV industry.
And more to add…