The Growth of Sustainable Energy In India-Net Zero

Major Discussion Area Are-

Status & Strategies for Speeding Up Inverter Deployment
The Smart Energy Technology for sustainable Future
Scaling up Green Hydrogen Technology in India
The Role & Importance of Power Quality in Connecting Renewables to grid
Building a Renewable Energy Eco-System for Start-ups
Renewable Energy – Contributing in Pathway to Net-zero’
Energy Utility Ecosystem for Sustainable Future
Micro-inverter technology benefits for “Residential & Small Commercial Distributed Solar Rooftop System “
Energy Storage & Micro-grids
The Future of Solar PV: Exploring the latest advancements and emerging technologies in solar PV systems
Solar PV Market Trends: Analyzing the current market trends, growth projections, and investment opportunities in the solar PV industry.
Taking Karnataka’s industries towards RE100: How 4PEL’s integrated solutions helps maximise renewables consumption

More to add…