Gupta Power Accommodates Today’s and Future Smart Cities Applications & Technologies

Mr. Abhishek Gupta
Joint Managing Director – Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.

The ‘smart city’ concept is gaining widespread limelight big time now. It focuses majorly on the development of clean and green cities which emphasizes on no facility downtime. The electrical industry plays a justified role in this regard, for any smart city by ensuring safety, continuous operation of any setup, measuring, and controlling several relative parameters.

Cities depend extensively on the electrical industry for constant power supply right from generation, transmission, distribution, and even to optimize the power usage, to achieve the status of smart and efficient. The Electrical and power industry acts as a backbone for these kinds of plans.


Clean, continuous, and reliable source of power are one of the key essentials of Smart Cities, where it becomes imperative to develop dedicated renewable sources generating clean and sustainable energy to cater to daily energy needs. Gupta Power’s Distributed micro grids through rooftop solar panels can be used to augment energy sources and cater to localized energy requirements.

Adoption of new age storage technologies at optimal costs will further boost renewable usage for smart cities because as of today, renewable continue to be an intermittent source of energy and needs augmentation through thermal or fossil fuel based generation sources.” Other technologies such as digital sub-stations, smart meters and anti-theft cables will ensure seamless power distribution with minimal AT&C losses to further support smart city infrastructure.

Gupta Power’s Focus Areas And How It Aligns With The Smart City Concept

The HTLS conductors are a breakthrough innovation in the transmission of electricity. Through smart grid implementation, monitoring, control and real-time measurement of generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy have become possible and hence the reliability of electric supply is improved.

Gupta Power’s cutting-edge optical fiber is not only advancing smart broadband internet connections but doing a lot more. Fiber-optic cable is ideal to accommodate today’s smart city applications as well as future technologies. The existence of fiber optic cables opened the opportunities to have ultra-broadband and low latency communication in cities as opposed to the traditional copper cable network, which had its own limitations.

The high-bandwidth and low-latency characteristics of fiber facilitate numerous key applications in smart cities, including smart grids for enhanced energy efficiency, smart health examinations such as patient monitoring, sensor networks to improve public services,

infrastructure usage and safety, smart mobility for optimizing traffic flows & improving road safety, and lastly citywide network connections that are available to its residents and visitors.

In the smart city concept, the conventional infrastructure of housing and utilities is equipped with modern fiber optic sensors and Gupta Power is at the forefront of that technology.

Fire survival cables are the new reality of a smart city. With increased focus on electrical safety and in the light of fire hazards, Gupta Power’s fire survival cables are pioneering safety innovation and making our hospitals, office spaces, residential spaces, malls and traffic junctions a safer place.

Green wires are another major innovation. They are marked by low smoke, and are lead free and halogen-free. It’s just a matter of educating the end consumer on the benefits of green wires and Gupta Power is carrying out campaigns to sensitize and educate consumers on the benefits of adopting Green Wires.

Public lighting has been named ‘the nervous system of a city’, connecting hundreds of thousands of streetlights with access to power across the city. Gupta Power’s smart LED lighting is aligned with smart city goals of energy savings and optimization. Information is paramount for any city nowadays, arguably even more important than direct energy savings. Whether it’s information regarding the street lighting (functionality, electrical parameters) or the city itself (pollution sensors, for example), Gupta Power’s city managers prefer to rely on solid data to optimize city processes and operations.


The objective of a smart city is to use digital communication and technology to optimise the usage of resources such as energy, water, and roads and infrastructure and improve governance, transportation, health care, and waste management. From an energy perspective, a smart city will be able to optimise the electricity consumption of the city by being able to record the real-time data pertaining to different residential, commercial and industrial spaces. A smart city is equipped with smart grids which facilitate this collection and transferring of electricity-related data throughout the city, free from all hassles and wouldn’t even require manual labour.

Gupta Power aims to empower the smart city resident so that he would essentially have excellent control over his or her electricity consumption and ultimately would be able to optimise the expenses. Electrical safety is of utmost priority along with product quality.

After all, smart electrical solutions power a smart city.