Siemens Energy presents UPFC PLUS for grid stabilisation

Germany, Munich: With the Unified Power Flow Controller UPFC PLUS, Siemens Energy presents a new solution for grid stabilisation and resilience for a greener energy future.

With the UPFC PLUS, network operators can stabilise the AC grid by dynamically controlling the load flow. It can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure and it increases the efficiency of the power supply networks. In the constantly changing energy landscape, the newly developed solution ensures stable operation and resilience of the networks.

Compared to other network stabilisation technologies, the UPFC PLUS can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructures and is therefore a cost-effective solution for increasing network efficiency.

The UPFC PLUS balances load flows in the AC network within milliseconds and is therefore far superior to other technologies for load-flow control. The core of the UPFC PLUS are two voltage sources: one connected in parallel, which regulates the voltage, and one connected in series, which is connected to the AC line. In this way, the space-saving unit can simultaneously provide the necessary reactive power compensation, voltage regulation and active load-flow control, so that the system function can be maintained even in the event of an unexpected failure or malfunction of an individual component.

“With our new UPFC PLUS technology, we are offering network operators an innovative solution to be able to react immediately to fluctuations in the power grid and to support the integration of renewable energy sources. It specifically ensures the necessary resilience and stability of the networks, ”emphasises Hauke ​​Jürgensen, Head of Large Transmission Solutions at Siemens Energy. “The UPFC PLUS is a cost-efficient network stabilisation solution that supports network operators in mastering the current and future challenges of the rapidly changing energy landscape.”

The UPFC PLUS consists of five main components: 1. a back-to-back converter system as a symmetrical monopole to achieve the necessary voltage level; 2. the proven power modules from Siemens Energy, which form the modular multilevel VSC converter; 3. a series transformer that feeds the voltage into the transmission line, whereby the current flow through the system is throttled or increased as required; 4. a parallel transformer that regulates the voltage and the fed-in reactive power; 5. a fast bypass unit for protecting the series circuit part and quickly restoring operational readiness after one System malfunction.

The solution is geared towards the high-voltage level of electrical interconnected networks that are operated with three-phase alternating current and covers all voltage levels worldwide.

Source: Siemens