DILO: What does TÜV certification as a specialised waste management company mean?

The TÜV certificate proves that DILO fulfils all requirements in accordance with § 56 KrWG (= German Recycling Management and Waste Law) in compliance with the German Waste Management Ordinance (EfbV). Our customers can be assured that:

  • all processes are clearly defined and documented transparently,
  • fulfilment of objectives is regularly monitored and
  • the certified specialist company is efficiently and continuously improving.

The receipt of gases (or other waste) by a certified waste management company releases the customer’s waste management officer from the obligation to audit waste management companies themselves. Therefore, DILO’s unique concept of SF6 reconditioning for reuse is ecologically sensitive as supported by today’s society and meets all legal requirements and regulations.

The certificate entitles DILO to use the testing and supervision label and to qualify as a certified waste management company with reference to the certified activities. Supervision must be carried out by an accredited supervision organisation (such as TÜV).

Benefits for DILO customers through TÜV certification

DILO: TÜV certification

Our customers can purchase new gas with the “DILO Certified Gas” seal of quality. Thus, the problem of contaminated SF6gas (often caused by incorrect handling or inadequate evacuation) no longer exists because contamination with nitrogen, air and/or tetrafluoromethane (CF4) and the resulting deviation from IEC 60480 are eliminated by DILO’s procedure. Special benefits are:

  • reduced costs for SF6 disposal
  • minimised costs for new SF6 gas
  • low transport and storage costs
  • emission-free reconditioning of gas
  • considerably improved “carbon footprint” through reuse SF6 reconditioning instead of SF6 disposal – if the same quantity is taken back there is no disposal and thus no waste disposal business.

For more visit: https://de.dilo.com/en/news-detail/dilo-armaturen-und-anlagen-gmbh-again-receives-tuev-certification/