“Vocal for Local” must remain enlightened into the minds of people even in post-covid period.

What are the major challenges for your industry during this COVID outbreak?

  • As far as Electronic Industries are concerned, electronic components like IC’s, controllers and clad boards are majorly imported from various parts of the World, mainly from China. So now getting quality material, prices and delivery schedule of finished goods is a very tough job.
  • Similarly dispatching and transportation of manufactured products is not possible in Covid hotspot regions.

What are the preferences India companies need from the GoI to move ahead?

  • First of all our Government should support new start-ups or local manufacturers to set up large scale production in India.
  • Government should provide schemes and facilities under which manufacturers are provided with necessary raw material required for production. 
  • For finished electronic goods like basic components, modules, complete system, measuring units, control systems which are required in various Government organisations, Government should give preference to Indian Companies. 

Please explain, Testing & Measurement; segment opportunity under Aatma Nirbhar Bharat?

  • Considering current economic status and employment of India, being  Swadeshi  or Aatma Nirbhar Bharat is the need of the hour . Every Indian must support this by purchasing Products from Indian companies. The current mind-set of using any XYZ international brands should seriously be removed from the minds of Indians .The theme of “Be INDIAN, Buy INDIAN and Promote INDIAN” should be inculcated into the thought of each and every Indian.
  • Government departments and their officials also should support and ask for purchasing and promoting products which are manufactured under the Make In India concept. 
  • In my opinion at least 7 out of 10 products must be of Indian manufacturers. 
  • The spark of “Vocal for Local” must remain enlightened into the minds of people even in post-covid period.   

How can we increase the manufacturing & export of TMi products? And what are the challenges?

  • We need to upgrade ourselves with the latest technologies. Also we need to increase the awareness for best manufacturing techniques. Research and Designs should be one of top priorities. So called JUGADU technique will not be efficient enough for the long run. Design psychology has to be of higher possible grade. 
  • Major TNM companies should come forward on one platform with National Interest and share the views and ideas for export Indian products, keeping aside their personal interest. 

How is your business response after a long lockdown?

  • Uncertain so far, due to broken links, the order situation is not that good. Expected orders from customers are still on the waitlist. Mumbai and Delhi markets are closed due to lockdown so components and other material movement is the main issue. Those who have opened their operations are not immediately putting funds into capital investment. Logistics are not in operation with full capacity. Decision makers are also not sitting in office.
  • But we are fortunate enough that the Indian leadership is very strong and in future we will surely  bang on everything and rest will be just history. We  will have very good opportunities.
  • However as import of various electronic testing and measuring modules is limited, the local industries relying on such imported products are facing difficulties.
  • Such local companies are looking for local solutions to overcome their production needs.
  • These needs have created business opportunities for other local companies.
  • Bharatratna Dr.  Kalams once said “India should work hard to become a superpower by 2020” .Such words of Dr Kalam will surely be transformed into reality.