SOCOMEC Launches “ENERGIZING INDIA” Digital Campaign

Socomec, a Global Power management expert in the availability, control and safety of electrical installations, announces the launch of its digital campaign ‘ENERGIZING INDIA’, reiterating the brand’s steadfast commitment and contribution towards self-reliant India. 

The group founded in 1922 in France, soon expanded its operations with representatives in more than 80 countries including India. While the group entered India in 1990 through a partnership, the independent operations started in 2006 and recorded an exponential growth since then. The company made its presence felt in the highly competitive industry through its innovative power solutions and ensuring businesses to achieve their energy performance targets during the last three decades. 

Socomec’s state of the art manufacturing facility is situated in the vicinity of Gurgaon, Haryana for the production of Power Conversion, Power Switching & Power monitoring products. Designed with a flexible manufacturing structure the factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing technologies and has embraced lean manufacturing principles by implementing a system of continuous improvements. Further, the digitalization of the production lines ensures the delivery of a competitive offering with highest quality and bringing out reliable power solutions. 

SOCOMEC is way ahead of the more general providers, better positioned by constantly anticipating market changes and developing cutting-edge technologies and ensuring complete compliance with international standards. The organization is also committed to provide equal employment opportunities, skill development and career advancement to cultivate a diverse, collaborative and inclusive work environment that empowers employees engagement that in turn, helps the organization to achieve higher levels of productivity, quality, creativity and innovation. 

The campaign has been designed to highlight the role played by the organization in energizing the country over the last 3 decades by bringing its disruptive innovations and technologies in the field of power solutions and by ensuring sustainable growth while adhering to environment norms through well-defined policies and procedures.

Commenting about the launch of the campaign, Mr. Sushil Virmani, Managing Director, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions, said, “Socomec has a strong belief in India and the future of the nation. That is why we have been continuously investing and progressively expanding our manufacturing facility, engineering and commercial offices. In pursuit of the nation’s mission from “Make in India” to “Self-reliant India” to galvanize the economy, we are proud to be part of this government’s mission by fostering growth, innovation and sustainable business operations for Indian Industries through our highly efficient, safe and reliable power solutions”. 

He further added, “We pride ourselves on achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, with more than 12,000 happy customers and over 25,000 installations across India in a short span of time. We thank our customers for their continued patronage that is enabling us to achieve double digit growth for 5 consecutive years”. For more information.

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