Backhoe Loaders: Market and Growth Trends in India

Due to the advent of new-age earthmoving equipment, the construction industry has witnessed a continual growth in recent years, especially in India. It is even forecasted by the industry specialists that sales of Backhoe Loaders will expand in the time to come.

What are Backhoe Loaders?

backhoe loader, also referred as a loader backhoe, digger we usually know it as, is a bulky equipment vehicle having a tractor-like unit along with a loader-style bucket fitted on the front and a backhoe on its back. It is small-sized yet versatile equipment that is commonly used in urban areas for the engineering as well as small construction projects like building small houses, fixing roads, etc. The concept of this machine came from TLB (i.e. Tractor-Loader-Backhoe) –an agricultural tractor having a loader in front and a backhoe at the rear.

What are the primary purposes Backhoe Loaders serve?

Backhoe loaders can serve a variety of purposes for the construction industry including:

  • Construction
  • Small demolitions
  • Transportation of building materials
  • Powering building equipment
  • Digging holes/excavation
  • Landscaping
  • Breaking asphalt
  • Paving roads

In addition to its multifarious utility, the customer-friendly financing schemes introduced now have played a key role in buoyancy for backhoe loader market. It is good news for Backhoe Loaders Suppliers too. Backhoe Loaders Suppliers can enjoy growth at an incremental rate as a large number of first-time buyers/users, and small operators are proceeding for the purchase of loader machines.

Most importantly, it is the Investment in infrastructure that the Indian government agreed to make is expected to push the sales of backhoe loaders in India. There are also initiatives underway to reform procedures and policies around infrastructure investment which should stimulate the sector further, as should new funding initiatives. Also, the manual labour shortage, as a result of government-sponsored employment programs for the rural sector, is another imperative factor that will lead to the growth of backhoe loaders in future.

In fact, India has evolved as the largest backhoe loader market across the world having such machine that accounts for approx. 50% of entire construction equipment sales. According to a recent research conducted by Off-Highway — it is estimated that the active population of backhoe loaders in India counts to 195,000. Though the growth of equipment sector is forecasted, backhoe loaders sales cannot be expected to grow as high as 33,595 machines that were marked in 2011.

This is a direct implication of the business growth of Backhoe Loader Rental Firms in India. People who are still not ready to make an investment in such heavy vehicles, they can go for the rental alternatives. There are numerous reputed Backhoe Loader Rental firms in India.

Lastly, it is very important to keep a list of important metrics handy before you purchase or rent backhoe machines that include:

  • Maximum Digging Depth: Considering the maximum digging depth range of the machine is very important. The length of machine is directly proportional to its digging depth capability.
  • Bucket width: Next factor on the list is bucket width of the backhoe. The width of machine can affect productivity due to the extended capability of moving material.
  • Bucket width of Loader: The bulldozer-style loader in the front of the machine serves multiple purposes i.e. pushing or hauling loose materials and large-size objects. Make sure you chose the right one as per your needs.
  • Operating weight: Consideration of operating weight in backhoe loaders is important especially when you want to work on fragile or expensive surfaces including bricks, manicured grounds, and paver stones. The OW range lies between 13,000 to 24,000 pounds.
  • Horsepower: There are two major Backhoes categories, first are those that can be operated on 14 to 15 feet and possess horsepower from 68 to 107 hp, and second ones are 15 feet in length and possess 127 hp or more.
  • Engine Type: Generally, Backhoes run on a diesel engine. It is very important to check their compliance with restrictions mentioned for different models.