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CHINT–Innovation Oriented

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Mr. Nitheen CN–Director- Sales and Marketing | CHINT India

CHINT is a world leader in automation and energy sectors. We provide products and solutions for protection, controlling and monitoring, which are the backbone for automation sectors. We provide best quality products which are type tested and certified by international labs not only for the Indian market but also for Europe and Middle East Markets too.

Based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), CHINT provides an intelligent manufacturing system and perceive intelligent application in the electrical industry. We rely on the Energy Internet of Things (EIoT) and based on that we build our smart energy system and develop the regional EIoT mode.

CHINT focusses on clean energy, energy distribution, big data and energy value-added services. Additionally, CHINT businesses include photovoltaic equipment, energy storage, power transmission & distribution, low-voltage apparatuses, intelligent terminals, software development and control automation. We provide a package of energy solutions for public institutions, industrial & commercial users and end users, by building a regional smart energy operation ecosphere.

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